Possum House is an indie development studio that focuses on small titles with experimental and fresh mechanics. With each game we try to introduce something novel and unique that players haven’t seen before. We want to be a sustainable and experimental team that puts the medium first, allowing us to develop unique titles. Less is more is our approach. Aesthetics > graphics. Simple mechanics arranged in original ways.


Dennis McCorry, founder of Possum House Games, set up the studio to release The Sword and the Slime in October of 2019. After a quick turnaround from his first launch, Dennis was accepted into the RIT MAGIC Community Incubator program to work on Shot in the Dark. Having collaborated on several projects and game jams Lesther officially joined the team to help with development of Shot in the Dark and all other projects moving forward.



Shot in the Dark Launch TrailerYouTube | Download

Heavy is the Crown Annoucement TrailerYouTube | Download

The Sword and the Slime TrailerYouTube | Download