Shot in the Dark is a classic western tale of bloody vengeance, forbidden rituals, and teeth in the dark. Take up the gun of the lone bandit as they stop at nothing in the pursuit of vengeance. The only thing standing between the bandit and their quarry are the occult nightmares lurking in the darkness. From demons to cultists and long dead gunslingers, all manner of foes are arrayed against you. Shot in the Dark offers a unique challenge, combining nail biting pixel perfect platforming with precise point and click shooting. But many of the cruel creatures of the night remain hidden in shadow. The bandit will have to be on the lookout for glowing red eyes, shadows moving through the trees, and figures lurking in the night. Because sometimes the only sign of a demon on your trail is the slight movement of the tall grass. And sometimes all you can do is take a shot in the dark.


What started as a side project while developing The Sword and the Slime, Shot in the Dark has now become Dennis McCorry's first solo game project. His goal is to take everything he has learned about programming, art, animation, and design and see just how far he can go. In November 2019 Dennis was accepted into the RIT MAGIC Community Incubator program which has allowed him to focus on development of the project full time.


  • Avoid enemies and hazards hidden in the dark.
  • Tense and deliberate action.
  • Explore the demonic side of the old west.
  • Stark black, white, and red occult aesthetic


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Launch TrailerYouTube | Download



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Possum House is an indie development studio that focuses on small titles with experimental and fresh mechanics. With each game we try to introduce something novel and unique that players haven’t seen before. We want to be a sustainable and experimental team that puts the medium first, allowing us to develop unique titles. Less is more is our approach. Aesthetics > graphics. Simple mechanics arranged in original ways.
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