It is up to you to maintain the flock. It is up to you to maintain the home. During the day you must contain your flock of sheep by keeping them from wandering off the screen. How many sheep you have left at the end of the day determines how much money you make. At the end of the day it is up to you to decide how to spend that money. Do you buy more sheep? Do you build a fence? Do you refill the pantry? It all depends on you.


As part of RIT's Wild Magic Game Jam, Heavy is the Crown is the game jam entry that we submitted. Using the theme of "Tarot" and drawing the Emperor card in the upright position, we used the themes of responsibility over a kingdom and instability through inaction to create this game in which you play as the shepherd tasked with maintaining sheep and using earnings to maintain the household.


  • Heart wrenching resource management
  • Subtle yet impactful decision making.
  • Stark black, white, and red aesthetic


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Possum House is an indie development studio that focuses on small titles with experimental and fresh mechanics. With each game we try to introduce something novel and unique that players haven’t seen before. We want to be a sustainable and experimental team that puts the medium first, allowing us to develop unique titles. Less is more is our approach. Aesthetics > graphics. Simple mechanics arranged in original ways.
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