Space Cat 9 is a roguelike platformer where you have 9 lives to stop evil mice from stealing the moon!

The Maniacal Mice, a group of mech-loving, mayhem-inducing, and mozzarella-devouring agents of chaos, are trying to steal the moon! Their cheese-seeking spacecraft is on schedule to drill into the Moon’s core, mine it for precious gruyere, and set Earth’s gravity out of control.

But what they don’t know is that one Courageous Cat has snuck on board and will do whatever it takes to stop the mice, even if it means using up all nine of its lives…

Key Features:

  • CAT LIKE AGILITY: Highly mobile platforming that has you leaping, pouncing, and wall jumping past hazards at high speeds and extreme precision.
  • BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING WORLD: Beautiful pixel art featuring mice shenanigans and high tech robotics across 4 distinct spaceship quadrants.
  • INTENSE BOSS FIGHTS: Test your full range of combat skills against 6 unique mechanical mouse monstrosities!
  • 9 LIVES SYSTEM: Each of your 9 cat lives is stronger than the last. Sacrifice a life at any time for a Super Blast!