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What was originally intended as a quick concept project between two friends gradually grew and spread and festered, eventually taking over my life and the lives of those around me.

For those who don’t already know The Sword and the Slime is a non traditional puzzle platformer where the player, using only the mouse, controls a magical flying sword on a quest through deep dungeons and enchanted forests.

We have been working on this project in our free time for the past three years and a lot has changed in that time. There used to be an evil wizard in the game? Voice acting was almost a thing at one point. There weren’t even any slimes in the game when we got started…

You may have seen us at a few events in the Rochester area–we even made it up to Toronto for TCAF last year (fingers crossed for this year), however we’ve otherwise kept a fairly low profile. But through all of that we have refined the game and are ready to start sharing more of our progress with the world.

Stay tuned!

Denny MakerFaire
Denny at the Rochester Maker Faire – November 2018