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As always, the Possum House is a busy house. Nine development is off and running, Shot in the Dark is all but ready to go, and we’ve also been assisting with the Neuro;surge project in what free time we have left over.

We’ve spent this first month pinning down the Core gameplay loop while Dennis has been working to flesh out the look of the game. It has been a lot of fun to see him flex on some art again, exploring these really unique and fun maniacal mice enemies. He’s even using more than 3 colors this time around!


Proc gen has been a lot of fun to play with too. Other than that, the team has been focusing a lot on the main character, getting the movement game feel down as quick as we can.


We are also doing some work with the Neuro;surge project that has brought together a lot of local talent. Lesther has been doing his thing working under the hood messing with the programming while Dennis has been making the background all shiny and chrome.


On top of all that our pride and joy Shot in the Dark is all but locked and loaded. We have sent out all of our pitches to publishers, made some final tweaks, and now all that is left to do is to sit… and wait… S’gonna be fiiiine.

But we do have our back up plan in place and ready to go, so one way or another Shot in the Dark will be here soon~

This month is looking to be just as busy too if not more so. Because on top of everything else the Possum House will also be hosting Chill Jam 2 the weekend of 7/11. So Come hangout and make some games!