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Its been a weird long winding road but its finally here! The Sword and the Slime is available on STEAM and ITCH.IO!

And oh boy it’s kind of a big deal for me. The Sword and the Slime is by far the biggest project that I have been a part of, let alone finished. But there is even more to it than that.

The Sword and the Slime itself has been in development off and on for the past 3-4 years, but the entire process was more like the culmination of 5-7 years of work because it wasn’t just the time it took to make the game, but also how long it took me to learn how to make a game. From game jams, small projects, ideas that went nowhere, to learning visual coding, pixel art, and animation, it was a lot to take in and I’ve still got plenty more I’m looking to learn. Then, on top of that, the games structure and direction changed significantly during development. For the longest time it was just “that game I’ve been working on” and “it will come out eventually”. There were plenty of times where I wondered myself if “eventually” was ever going to happen. The Sword and the Slime had slowly become this really big… thing, that was looming over me. I really wanted to move past it, just drop it and work on other stuff, I didn’t want to leave yet another project unfinished.

Ultimately I believed that The Sword and the Slime was something worth seeing through to the end and sharing. And no small part of that is thanks to you guys. I’ve always been pretty hard on myself and my work, but seeing peoples reactions, feedback, and love for this weird little thing I made over the past few years has all kinds of kept me going. So for real, thank you :>

And now its done! Right now, TODAY, you can go play my quirky, weird, but wholly unique little game.

So yeah. Tired, proud, ready for a nap.

But not done. Going to take a little bit of a break, and keep an eye on bug reports, but I’m actually really really eager to hit the ground running on my next project.

Stay tuned!